#44 Coffee with John

The takeaway: courage and tenacity take many forms and shapes.

We sometimes admire the bravery of others, admiring them for qualities that we might not have or think we don’t.

Not to take anything away from that source of inspiration, but we sometimes do not acknowledge our own acts of bravery and the many roads we have had to take to get us where we stand today.

We are all brave, one way or another. What you have gone through not many would have been able to endure. If there is an area you feel lacking, then draw inspiration from those around you and challenge yourself.

You are able to conquer whatever you want. Not easy at times but who said it would be.


#43 Coffee with John

Today marked Coffee with John#43.

This was my first time meeting someone since before I left for Colombia. Aside from being busy, I just hadn’t really pursued meeting up with anyone.

Today’s meet up just kind of happened – met a new friend from a networking event I attended last week.

I have to say that I really enjoy talking to people and letting the conversation go where it wants to go.

The takeaway: get comfortable in your own skin. Accept your quirkiness and your whole being.

Sure, there is always areas of our lives that we can improve but you have do that without compromising the essence of what makes you, you.

Love yourself and embrace your “weirdness.”


I had ridiculous amounts of coffee while in Colombia with my siblings, especially with my brother.

We had coffee in the mornings, on the road, at rest stops, at market places..name a place and you would find us there drinking coffee. While not “official” Coffee with John, the take away from those moments: enjoy your family.

Don’t let the years go by to take the time to spend time with your loved ones. It had been 12 years since I had seen my brother and another 30 years since the last time all four of us siblings were together in the same place.

My wife’s last name was Estrella. So this place took a special meaning.

Life happens and things come in the way, but we all need to make the effort. If you don’t have family/siblings, take the time to share with your friends and those you call family. Time is borrowed. Make it count.

My siblings – all together for the first time in close to 30 years.

#42 Coffee with John

The answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything is 42.”

42 is also known to Lost fans as one of the key numbers deciding mankind’s extinction.

But, no! I did not turn 42 yesterday. The number corresponds to my last Coffee with John before I take off for three weeks on vacation.

Just as the number, the meeting held its own mysteries and served to be an auspicious meetup.

The takeaway: life is filled with beginnings – births, graduations, marriage, parenthood, moving, house ownership, and among the many that life brings.

Sometimes you find yourself taking the journey of a new beginning with a partner, family or by yourself.

Each beginning can be a journey of unknowns, challenges and triumphs.

Sometimes the hardest beginnings you undertake by yourself without the comfort of a lifetime partner or the closeness of family or friends. While challenging, if you find yourself facing a new beginning on your own, look at it as an opportunity to find and explore yourself. Get to know yourself and don’t forget to love yourself in the process.

#41 Coffee with John

Takeaway: Life is unpredictable, throwing you curves at random times.

Sometimes you will be prepared. You will dust yourself off and carry forward.

Other times, life will blow all the air out of you, knocking you down and leaving you wondering what just hit you. At that time, all you can do is recover, readjust and keep carrying forward.

No matter how prepared or unprepared you are, forward is the only choice.

#40 Coffee with John

I can’t believe I have met with 40 people for Coffee with John, not counting repeats!

I am incredibly grateful to all the individuals that have met up with me. Thank you!

Many of you I only had met once or twice before. Thank you for your time and for being brave to join me in the journey of conversations. I look forward to continue connecting and having great talks while we share a moment together over coffee/tea.

The takeaway from Coffee with John #40: we sometimes tell ourselves, “I am too young, old, or inexperienced,” keeping ourselves from taking a leap to experience something new.

We think because of our age or lack of experience we can’t do this or that. Or we think that we don’t have much to offer or contribute. That’s all rubbish.

We all have value, bringing our unique experience to the table. I know I have to remind myself of this all the time. Don’t let your age or perception of lack of experience keep you from doing anything. I salute those that, despite their reservations, take the leap and jump into something completely new or totally beyond their comfort zone.

You inspire me.

#39 Coffee with John

Takeaways: honor your word.

I truly appreciate when people say what they commit to doing. “I will let you know soon,” “We will make it happen.” We casually make these type of commitments but never follow up.

So it’s great (and refreshing) when people actually do follow up, even if it’s just to say that they can’t follow through with their original intention.

Another takeaway, it’s key to have self-value and expect others to treat you with respect. That might mean taking a bold stand like uprooting and taking a whole different path in life.