#7 Coffee with John

Delightful is how I would describe today’s Coffee with John session. The takeaway: don’t judge people without first getting to know them better. We all have more in common than we can ever imagine


#6 Coffee with John

November 5

Rush Expresso

Had my first threesome this morning – not in that way. Get your mind out of the gutter. Please!

In the sense that I have been meeting people one-on-one for Coffee with John. This morning was the exception and it was good, baby. Again, take your mind out of the gutter. You are just incorrigible.


The takeaway: find the inner strength to overcome life challenges. It might take time or help and guidance from others but how you get there is not the point. The possibility is there for the take.

Another takeaway: ask yourself what are you doing to help yourself and your community in your daily life?IMG_20181105_085542

#5 Coffee with John

Got so wrapped up in today’s Coffee with John conversation that I forgot to take the obligatory picture during.

The takeaway: enjoy the moment; also, people in your life are hidden treasures. Take the time to cultivate relationships with people that surround you.


#4 Coffee with John Meeting, Virtual Edition

Had my first virtual Coffee with John early this morning. Honestly, I was apprehensive about doing it virtually for a variety of reasons but I am glad I did.

Truly left a smile on my face and a warm feeling in my heart.

The takeaway: take a plunge and do something, not necessarily out of your comfort zone, but something you are just not all that sold into at first. You never know what you might discover.

The other takeaway: reach out to old friends; it might do your soul good.

Virtual Coffee

#3 Coffe with John Meeting

October 23rd.

Rush Expresso Michelle S.

Truly enjoying Coffee with John Sessions. Wonderful meet-up this morning. Just connecting and getting to know people better is an enriching experience.

That’s the takeaway today – connect with people and get to know them better. You might learn something new and be exposed to a whole different world.

POSTSCRIPT: I soon found out that not everyone drinks coffee. They opted for tea. Still, the conversation was priceless.

#2 Coffee with John Meeting

October 22nd, 2018

Rush Expresso 8:30AM

Another great Coffee with John session this morning. The takeaway today: be kind to people as you never know what they are dealing with


POSTSCRIPT:  The taking a picture and writing a takeaway started with CWJ#2

First Official Coffee with John Meeting

October 19 7:15AM Meeting – Starbucks

Today’s Coffee with John – connecting, getting to know people that surrounds me better and just sharing our experiences in the continuum of life.



POSTSCRIPT: Before I had made Coffee with John official, I had already met with two friends. This October 19 meeting became the official kick-off of the Coffee with John. After this meeting, I also started incorporating a takeaway from each meeting.



The Journey Begins

This page is dedicated to chronicling my Coffee with John meetings.

The idea for Coffee with John came as a way to deal with my wife’s passing after a three-year, long battle with Triple Negative breast cancer.

What prompted the idea was the challenge and difficulty of dealing with the physical and emotional emptiness of the house.  I work from home and my wife was there to share the little moments of day-to-day life with me.  We shared small talk, meals, coffee breaks, and the like.

I typically exercise and practice yoga. So I tried doing that to fill in the void, but I needed something else, especially in the mornings where I just found myself (still do) lost, like a wondering dog not knowing exactly where to go. I ended up just chasing my tail without accomplishing much in the mornings.

I had become aware of coffee circles for people dealing with loss and grief, but….Look, nothing against those groups. I am sure they would probably understand my pain and emotions better than anyone, but my notion is that those conversations would be focused on loss and grief; too heavy for me to handle.

So, rather than joining one with strangers in the same, sad unfortunate club of circumstances, I decided to start my own coffee meetings.

Even before becoming aware of the grief coffee circles, I had the idea for it. It only became concrete after I met with two lovely friends on two separate occasions. The experience nourished my spirit and prompted me to “officially” announce it within my network and to actively meet up with people.

Since then, I have met up with a few friends, friends of my wife, neighbors, and people I have only known in passing. My goal is to continue to do it. It’s not about making or becoming close friends with anyone – if that happens, I welcome it with open arms.

The drive and the intention of “Coffee with John” sessions remain to meet friends/acquaintances for a cup of Joe at a local venue (or wherever) with the conversations taking whatever direction.

I let the conversations dictate the meetings. I do have a specific request at the end of the conversation for people – something I cannot divulge with you until we meet – but that’s the only planned aspect.

This is my way to heal and deal with emotional pain like I have never experienced. In my sharing, I hope this journey is helpful to you as well.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton